Cost efficient Construction:

ComFlor® is the most cost efficient mid-floor solution available:

Gauge options:
ComFlor 80 and ComFlor 60 are available in a range of gauges from 0.75mm to 1.2mm so that the deck thickness can be optimised to the project requirements, minimising the cost of the deck.

Less structural components required:
Longer spans with fewer beams means a more cost effective build.

No propping:
Elimination of the need for temporary propping saves money on the cost of propping and minimising mesh, while enhancing crack control in the slab.

Faster rental returns:
The speed of ComFlor® compresses the construction programme meaning that tenants can move into the building earlier giving faster rental return.

Less additional cost:
ComFlor’s unique shape reduces construction deflections, minimising concrete usage and leading to substantial savings on large projects. A high inherent fire rating often means additional fire protection, and the associated cost, is not required.