Simplicity (Ease of Construction):

ComFlor® is very simple and fast to install:

Large bundles of up to 110m2 of deck can be rapidly craned into position, reducing traffic disruption and overcoming ground level storage issues. 400m2 can be laid, trimmed, and stud welded by one team per day. And with minimal mesh reinforcement and pumped concrete, the completed floor can quickly follow.

Props eliminated:
Temporary props can usually be eliminated. Superior design typically means propping is not required. The result is faster erection and a shortening of the construction programme.

Lightweight and easy to handle:
ComFlor® is light weight and easy to handle, even into difficult to access zones. Two workers are able to lift and install 12.00 metre sheets.

Working Platform:
Once laid, the deck acts as a safe working platform for all subsequent subtrades and as a safety barrier to overhead hazards.

Construction Stage Bracing:
The deck acts as a lateral restraint and forms a diaphragm, transmitting wind load from the outer steelwork to the core. Therefore once the decking is fixed, it contributes significantly to the stability of the structure.

Good for services:
ComFlor® composite floor decks incorporate systems for the easy attachment of suspended services, negating the requirement to fix into concrete. Slab penetrations up to 300mm can be formed without the need for additional reinforcing. Larger openings can be incorporated with the use of additional reinforcing or structural steel.