Superior Performance


As you would expect a highly designed and tested construction profile from one of the world’s leading innovative metals companies has numerous advantages over conventional flooring methods and the direct competition:

Superior Performance:
The ComFlor® range of profiles are arguably the most efficient currently available anywhere in the world:

Our profiles have the best span of any steel decking in New Zealand. Better spans means fewer beams are required to support the structure.

Due to the intrinsic efficiency of composite construction and the displacement of concrete by the profile shape, considerably less concrete is used than in conventional reinforced concrete construction. This reduces the size and cost of elements used in the primary structure and the foundations.

Structural integrity:
Elimination of temporary propping during construction, leaves the structure with better long term structural integrity, and improves crack control in the slab.

Reduced weight relative to competing systems provides advantages in seismic, gravity and foundation design.

Composite beams use the slab as a compression element, which increases stiffness and reduces their size. These savings translate to a reduced floor zone and therefore a reduced overall inter-storey height, allowing the possibility of additional revenue generating floors being added.

Extensive testing and fire engineering work by The Steel Construction Institute have resulted in fire ratings of up to four hours being available with the use of light mesh within the composite slab and no protection to the deck.