ComFlor® 60.


The ComFlor 60 composite flooring system is simple and fast to install

Spans: propped

  • 0.75mm, up to 6.00m
  • 0.90mm, over 6.00m
  • 1.00mm, over 6.10m
  • 1.20mm, over 6.20m

Spans: unpropped

  • 0.75mm, up to 3.25m
  • 0.90mm, over 3.50m
  • 1.00mm, over 3.80m
  • 1.20mm, over 4.00m


  • All multi-storey buildings.
  • Ideal for use in carparks.
  • Perfect for industrial storage units.
  • Residential dwellings.
  • Apartments building.
  • Mezzanine floors in retail, warehouse and factory units.


Long-span capability:

  • Gauge options of 0.75mm to 1.20mm to suit the particular span.
  • Optimised profile design gives exceptional unpropped (double) spanning capability of over 4.00 metres, reducing structural steel requirements and hence cost.
  • Propped spans over 6.50m are also possible using bottom steel.

Cost efficient:

  • ComFlor 60 uses a reduced concrete volume for any slab depth, providing a more sustainable solution and reducing costs.
  • Stiffer profile means less deflection during construction leading to greater safety on the site and savings on concrete.

Keep it simple

  • The profile design guarantees central shear-stud positioning to optimise composite action, reducing the need for on-site checking.

Excellent acoustic and fire performance

  • Fire ratings up to 4 hours are possible with ComFlor 60
  • ComFlor 60 has best inherent acoustic properties of the ComFlor range.

Safer manual handling

  • With a cover width of 600mm, sheets are lightweight, making them safer and easier to handle.

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