ComFlor to supply Resotec into NZ and Australia

S&T ComFlor has negotiated an exclusive supply agreement for Resotec into NZ and Australia.

RESOTEC = Constrained layer damping

This is a cost-effective means of improving dynamic performance by increasing damping considerably thereby limiting floor vibration in steel framed buildings.

The continuing trend towards lighter and longer span floor construction and large partition-free office layouts has brought the issue of floor vibration to the attention of designers and owners. In composite construction, footfall induced floor vibration is now an essential consideration in the design of floors, and has become the governing factor in some circumstances.

Increasing the damping can be an effective means of reducing floor vibration. Resotec increases the damping without additional structural mass or depth and so offers considerable cost savings over alternative methods for reducing footfall vibration.

This product has been developed by Arup in collaboration with Richard Lees Steel Decking to provide additional damping to modern composite floor construction. The product comprises a thin layer of high-damping visco-elastic material sandwiched between two thin steel plates; the overall thickness of the product is about 3mm. Resotec is placed on top of the top flange of a steel beam for a proportion of the beam near each end. The ComFlor is placed normally over the beam (on top of the Resotec product in the end zones) and shear studs are fixed in the central zone of the beam only. The concrete slab is cast normally. In the completed floor the Resotec visco-elastic layer is effectively sandwiched between the steel beam and the concrete slab to create a constrained layer damping mechanism. The steel beam is therefore fully composite with the floor slab only over a portion of its length centred at midspan.

With Resotec there is:
No Increase in beam weight, no increase in slab mass and no increase in floor zone.
The damping effect is increased by 1% to 3%
To achieve this result the design engineer needs to consult at the concept stage of the project.
Foot-fall induced floor response analysis using Resotec is undertaken by the design engineer using Oasys Compos design software.

The driver is: Higher quality space = greater rental income

For further information please contact Steve Stickland:
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